a Monforte d'Alba dal 1998

Theme includes several predefined templates that can be used for any page. Simply select the desired template when you create page in the Page Attributes box.

Default Template

Default page template has predefined layout with the left sidebar.

Page – Contact

Page template with the in-built contact form and google map. Use it for the Contact page.

Page – Drink Menu

Page template for displaying Drink Menu with Drinks custom post type.

Page – Food Menu

Page template for displaying Food Menu with Foods custom post type.

Page – Full Width

Page template without sidebars with full width content column.

Page – Home

Page template with the homepage layout. Use it for the Homepage.

Page – Photos

Page template for displaying Photogalleries with Photos custom post type.

Page – Reservation

Page template with the in-built reservation form. Use it for the Reservation page.

Page – Right sidebar

Page template with the right sidebar.